There Is No Better or Worse

There is no better or worse. Everyone is granted the tools they need to fulfill their own personal destiny.

This idea has resonated with me for years, having grown up in a very competitive suburb of Chicago where students find it instilled in them to always be shooting for a better class ranking, to break this record of another student, or to make this team over someone else. 

However, as I’ve been able to grow away from this mentality and dive deeper into the practice of yoga, I’ve realized the long lasting emotions of self-confidence and pride have the opportunity to develop when you stop comparing yourself to what your neighbor is doing and instead look inward for acceptance. 

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‘Think Light’ to Get the Most Out of Your Time on the Mat


We’ve all been taught certain yogic principles from day one without realizing it. But we may have to re-learn how to utilize our mind as a tool to change how we perceive our physical experience, which is no easy task.

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What Will Crack Your Casing So You Can Find Your Gold?


Watch this. It is a clip from the documentary Finding Joe that retells the incredible true story of the Golden Buddha.

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Sunday Salutations: Mother’s Day Edition


In honor of Mother’s Day 2013, here are four links celebrating the union of motherhood and yoga.

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Don’t Just Practice Yoga with Intention … LIVE with Intention


One of the many beautiful things about practicing yoga is that we are presented with the opportunity in every class to set an intention for the practice, and for our current lives.

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Sunday Salutations: Heart-Melting Photos, The Heart of Teaching, and Are You Man Enough?


I don’t know about you, but I love waking up on a Sunday and easing into the final day of the weekend with a cup of coffee and some light but beneficial reading. Whenever you want to do the same, stop by here and we’ll have something good for you.

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Why Yoga Is Like an iPhone … Plus 5 Quick Tips for Beginners


Yoga is less a highly customized tool in the shed and more an all-purpose gadget that is used by its users in different ways.

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Sunday Salutations: Yoga as an Aphrodisiac, Day-Starter, Immuno Booster, and More


During the week I always come across a number of interesting, inspiring, and/or educational links. I compile the best of the best for this weekly post series called “Sunday Salutations.”

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Yogify Your Mornings … The Benefits Begin Immediately


Yesterday, I woke up 20 minutes earlier than normal and did a 15-minute practice of sun salutations. When I started I was sore, I was stiff, and I was still half asleep. But at the end of the 15 minutes I felt great. I think Yogifying my morning is here to stay.

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Video: Proper Alignment and Posture for Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1)


In this video, Natasha Rizopoulos shows the proper alignment and posture for Virabhadrasana 1, commonly referred to as Warrior 1.

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